Tyler & Baylee Beach Formals | Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer

This session was literally what my dreams have been made of! I LOVE the mountains here in Utah, but I've never been able to decide if I belong in the mountains or the beach and I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot on the Oregon Coast. Tyler and Baylee were married a few months ago in the Columbia River Gorge, and they were willing and EXCITED to come model for us for this styled shoot in Otter Rock, Oregon. This was everything I love to shoot! They were fun, intimate, loving, sweet and so into each other! I loved their newly wed vibes! Baylee is an amazing photographer herself and she brought her camera along. We had a second shoot going at the same time, so when we were done with her she went and shot the other model! I loved that she has that kind of passion about her work! She was so excited to get to go shoot! 

Our florist had to drop out last minute, so we went to a local grocery store, bought some flowers, used some of that famous Oregon greenery and made an amazing bouquet of our own! 

Models Tyler and Baylee

Hair and makeup - Stephanie Jade Styles

Dress - Wear your love