Brandon + Sarah Formals | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

Brandon & Sarah have a love story that already spans more than a decade. Sarahs family moved to Cache Valley just before she started fourth grade. There was a boy in her class that chased her and she thought he was crazy and spent the year glaring at him. Little did she know that after the first day of school, that boy went home and told his mom that the new girl in school was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and that she looked like an angel! That boy was Brandon... and I'm telling you guys, Brandon still feels this way about Sarah today! The way he looks at her, the way he speaks about her and how he lights up when she's around, its something to see! And the admiration is mutual! They both had smiles on their faces THE WHOLE TIME we were shooting! I really love getting to work with couples who bring out the best in each other, and that is definitely these two. 

We met at the Logan, Utah LDS Temple to start their shoot and to do a first look! Brandon was SO excited to see Sarah and he was absolutely beaming when he finally got to see her! Brandons mom commented that even if she had been wearing a burlap sack he would have still thought she was beautiful! As we got in the car to head to Hyrum Dam for the second part of their shoot my trusty photo shoot pants gave out on me! I have had these pants for over 4 years and I like to wear them to shoots because I can get a little dirty as I lay or kneel on the ground for different angles. Well, as I was getting in my car the seam of my pants ripped ALL THE WAY from the top of my bum down to the bottom. Luckily I had my husbands jacket in my car which I wrapped around my waist. I then obviously had to explain to Brandon and Sarah and their crew why I was now wearing a large jacket around my waist and they all thought it was pretty funny, but then when I would squat down to get another angle, my pants would very loudly rip a little more and it got the best laughs out of Brandon... so over all I would say it was worth it!