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This is my cousin Kimmie and her family! Boy do I love these guys! So Kim and I are the same age and my favorite story about Kim comes from when we were probably like 5 or 6 years old. Our other cousin Celeste is around our same age too. One day the three of us had an epic fight about who was the oldest. Im a bad cousin and can't remember when their birthdays are, but basically the story goes like this. I was born December of '88 and they were born in like march and may of '89. But since their birthday months come first in a calendar year, they thought they were older and I tried sooo hard to get them to understand that I was born the year before. But that logic still didn't make sense to them because Im not a year older than them, we were all the same age at the time. I can just see little Kristi, Kim and Celeste duking it out over the all important age order. I think mostly I just like this story because I ended up being right :)

Kim and Adam were actually the very first wedding I ever shot 8 years ago! While we did their family photos we reminisced on shooting their engagements. I apologized for not being a very good photographer back then, but I did it for free, so they forgave me!