Why should you schedule a formal session separate from the wedding day? | Utah Wedding Photographer

Quite often I have photographers reach out to me to see if they can come along on a shoot or a wedding day to see how I run things. I love teaching, so people are always welcome to come along as long as my clients are ok with it!

I had someone with me at a wedding in February. We finished up the couples family photos and I sent them on their merry way off to their luncheon. The photographer I had with me was very concerned that we didn't get any formal shots for the couple at the beautiful temple! I took the time to explain that we had done their formal photos on a separate day previous to the wedding. This was a brand new concept to this photographer, so I explained all of the many reasons why I HIGHLY encourage people to schedule a formal session separate from the actual wedding day. Since then I've received the same question from a few brides, so lets get this info on the blog! Here are all of the reasons that I think its essential to schedule a separate formal session!

The most important reason is that you are LIMITED when you do formals on your wedding day. Limited in how long you have to do your photos, limited in where you can do your photos, and limited on what time you do your formals. 

Getting shots at BOTH the Logan Temple and the State Capitol an 1.5 away, just not possible on the wedding day! Britt and Spencer, along with many of my clients, wanted multiple locations for their formal photos that simply can't make happen on the wedding day due to time restraints. Most of the time you won't want to leave your venue on the wedding day, so we certainly can't get the same variety of beautiful photos. Even if you chosen venue is lovely, we will still want a variety of location for your formals. 

Wanting gorgeous mountains as your background? How about the salt flats or antelope island that Utah is so famous for. You just can't afford the travel time on the wedding day! So traveling to beautiful locations for your formals simply is out of the question if we do photos on your big day!

With so much else on your mind on the wedding day, you simply aren't in the right head space to relax and get those dreamy expressions. When we do formal photos on the day of your wedding, your mind is on 100 other things and it shows in your face! My signature style comes from getting my clients to focus on each other and the things they feel about one another. If your mind is on getting the party started on time, or if the caterer showed up, or if your exit will go as planned, it shows in your face and we don't get those same lovely feelings in your images.

You don't want to make all of your guests wait for the party to get started while you are off having photos taken of just the two of you. You will definitely want to go enjoy the party you've spent months planning! 
If we have to do formals right after your ceremony then there is potential that your guests will have to wait for you for the luncheon or party, and if you tell your guests to get started without you then you are missing out! In that case we will be rushed for your photos and we won't have as much time to get all those shots you've always dreamed of!

Doing your formal session at the right time of day for lighting is essential for my signature style! We want that beautiful golden light that we only get at the end of the day! The problem with doing photos on your wedding day is that you will typically be at your reception or dinner during this ideal lighting time! I can definitely shoot your formals earlier in the day, but my style is based on that dreamy light that is only available during this time of day, and your images will have a much harsher light and will look different from what you see on my blog.

Now, if we have to do formal photos on your wedding day, OF COURSE ill be happy to do that! I have been able to capture some beautiful formal photos for couples on their wedding day! But given the option, I ALWAYS vote for formals on a separate day!