New Offer! Split Family Session!

One of the hardest things about doing family photos is deciding if you want to do them in the spring or the fall! Well now you don’t have to choose! This year I am offering a split family photo session! 45 minutes in the spring, and another 45 minute session in the fall! This will give you variety in your photos that you simply can’t get with one photo session! You may be thinking “Well Kristi, won’t that be hard to get the kids to behave for TWO shoots!” Nope! Most family sessions go great for about 45 minutes, and then the novelty wears off for those kiddos and we have to fight for those last 45 minutes! So this way, we will split it up into two perfectly timed shoots and they should behave and enjoy them selfs the whole time, both times! Another reason I am offering this is because those kids change SO. DANG. FAST. I had family photos done 6 months ago and my kids look so different now! I would love to do photos again if I could afford it! Which brings me to my next point. A normal family session with me is $150. Honestly, this is under priced! For it to be worth my time in a business sense, I should be charging more than this! But I myself struggled to find money to pay for our much needed family photos that I wanted so desperately, so I’ve made the decision to keep my family sessions affordable so more adorable families can have images to remember this time in their lives. So for our split family session where you will receive not one but TWO galleries of adorable photos of your beautiful family, you would think I would double the price. Nope! We are offering our split session for $200! Because I love families and I want to serve our community by giving people the opportunity to have an abundance of photos to remember this time with their families and I want it to be affordable because I think EVERYONE should have this. Its a treasure that i want people to have. So contact me and lets set it up!