Dallin and Liz Engagement Session | Logan, Utah Wedding Photography

"I saw Liz for the first time at a ward prayer. She walked down the stairs and sat in the middle of the room, and I didn't talk to her because she was so pretty. I didn't want to make her feel like I was talking to her just because she was pretty..." When this is how Dallin described seeing Liz for the first time, I knew I was working with a special couple who really admired and respected each other! He went on to tell me how he knew he needed to take her out when she told their bishop he had to get her a calling in their ward and how he has continued to be impressed by her drive to do her best and her work ethic. 

And the adoration doesn't end there guys. Liz describes Dallin as kind, caring, sweet, handsome and smart. She talked about his love of god and how much she admired that. And at their engagement session she couldn't stop smiling, which is something she says she does a lot more of now that Dallin is in her life. 

After hearing their love story, I knew we were gonna need to do something special for their engagement photos, the only problem was that we are right smack dab in the middle of when Cache Valley looks pretty drab everywhere you look. I did some serious location scouting to try and find somewhere for this Logan native couple and I to do their engagement photos, but we had no luck. Which actually turned out to be VERY lucky because it caused us to venture to Antelope Island, and guys, it was SOO worth it. It turned out to be the perfect location for these two!

 When Dallin and Liz got there they were ready to go! They were sent with instructions from Liz's mom to not use their fake smiles, and they obeyed momma Andrea! These two were all cuddles and genuine, sincere smiles the whole time! They just enjoyed and adored each other and it made my job very easy!