Josh and Tara Formals | Logan Utah Wedding Photography

Guys I LOVE this shoot. Like LOVE love this shoot. The weather was great, it was a beautiful day, I was working with the sweetest couple, we picked great locations here in Cache Valley, and the photos turned out PERFECT. 

Tara and Josh found me when they starting thinking about getting married and Josh asked my brother Brent who he had used for his wedding photographer. Brent and Josh were working in Virginia for the summer, selling pest control for Fox Pest Control. Brent said that he has used me, his sister, and showed them some of his wedding photos. Turns out Josh and Tara also went to Logan High School with my younger brother Tyler, so when we finally met at Chugs here in Logan for our wedding consult, it was just like being introduced to an old friend. They were both instantly warm and welcoming and honestly SO complimentary and respectful of each other. We sat at Chugs for A LONG time just chatting and getting to know each other. Josh told me all about working with my brother over the summer. I later asked Brent about Josh and he had nothing but good things to say. 

Josh and Tara honestly glowed when they talked about each other. I loved that as we were shooting at the Logan LDS Temple, Josh would just look at Tara and break into the biggest grin, snap his fingers, and go in for the kiss because he just couldn't resist! THIS is a good match you guys. And Tara had the cutest idea to bring their missionary tags and letters to their session. We finished their session at one of my favorite places to shoot in the valley, second dam. We caught beautiful golden light and Tara WORKED IT for a few fab shots of just her.