Bride tip - Share what makes your relationship special

As a wedding photographer I get to be around a lot of people who are in love and enjoying one of the happiest times of their life! Its inspiring to me and remind me to find joy in my crazy/busy life! So for todays bride tip I wanted to share with you a way for you to help your photographer to capture your joy: tell your photographer about your love story! Tell them why/how you fell in love and the little things that make your relationship special!

I typically send out an email with basic questions about my couples a few days before our first shoot together so that I can get to know the couple a little better and prepare for our shoot! Below are some of my favorite things couples have shared with me, and how it helped me capture them as a couple!

Laycee shared with me that one of her favorite things about her relationship with Cody was the way that they just 'fit' together, both figuratively and literally. She said that one of their favorite things to do is just hug, because they are a perfect fit! So in both their engagement and formal session I had them do a lot of hugging and cuddling, and you can really see how comfortable they are together!

In their consultation, Layne told me that he has had a crush on Brooke since the third grade! The way that he looks at Brooke shows his complete and total adoration of her, so I tried to really capture that look! My husband attended this shoot to help me with me to help with my gear and he later told me that as I was doing a few shots of just Brooke, Layne was watching her with a giant grin on his face, commenting about how beautiful she is and how lucky he is to get to marry her! 


Fionna shared with me how HAPPY Josh makes her and that she wanted her engagement photos to share the JOY that was "exploding in her life" so I wanted their photos to be full of energy and fun!

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