Lindsey and Matt part one - Bloomington Lake Formals

I feel so lucky and blessed that I got to be the photographer for Lindsey and Matts wedding. They are so sweet and fun and their ideas for their wedding were beautiful! They met at Bloomington Lake and wanted to take their formals up there. I had never been there before, but its gorgeous and id love to shoot there again! We were trying to shoot their formals right when we were having all that crazy weather back in May, so we had to reschedule several times, and even split their formals into two sessions, so check back later this week for part two of their formals at the temple!
Matt asked if he could do a write up for the formals blog post, and of course I said yes! Heres what he had to say.

"We are so happy that we chose to have Kristi be our photographer for our wedding. As most people know, planning and executing a wedding is a lot of work and can be very stressful. Kristi made the photography portion enjoyable and as easy as possible. We had to reschedule our formals 4 times due to bad weather. Each time we had to reschedule Kristi had to arrange a babysitter for a her little boy and work around our busy schedule. Even though it took us 5 tries, Kristi never made us feel pressured or rushed. She took the time to get the shots we wanted, in the locations we wanted. Due to the weather and having to reschedule so many times we were worried we wouldn't have our formals at the wedding. We ended up taking our formals a week before the wedding and somehow Kristi got them done in time for us to display her beautiful work at our wedding reception. Did I mention her work is amazing! We loved how our photos turned out. Of course the quality of her photos is great but that's not what makes her special. It's her ability to connect with and make her bride and groom feel comfortable. We felt like we were working with a long time friend or family member. Thanks Kristi! We love how you captured the moments leading up to the best day of our life!"