Let me show you something...

I announced on my facebook page a few weeks ago that I started working with a graphic design artist to get some branding with a new logo and website and a few other odds and ends. I really am so excited to get to start showing you guys more about ME and what I want my photography to say about myself and about YOU. 

I wanted to do a shoot that could really embody Kristi Alyse Photography. I wanted to really be able to show you the two sides of photography that make me tick: 1. Straight forward and simple, and 2. a little whimsical and enchanted. I loved getting to direct this shoot to encompass both of those things! Today I will share Shannons images with you, but stay tunned for Kellis pictures tomorrow! I cant decide which I like more! Both of my models were so sweet and so natural in front of the camera! Which is why im excitied that miss Shannon has an interest in photography and is gonna come assist me on a few shoots, so you guys might get to meet her if you book a session! 

I love what I do, and id love to do it for you

Shannons make up done by the talented Shannon Shields