Mason Girls 2014

Do you guys remember the Mason Girls? I did pictures for them about a year and a half ago, and it is  still the shoot I get the most compliments on. Check out those pictures here.

These beautiful girls mom is Jenny, my cousin, friend, late night girl talk partner, mindy project co-watcher, and like a second momma to my little guy (really, sometimes he calls her mom). So for mothers day I wanted to surprise her with pictures of her girls. I talked to her two older girls and her husband and had it all set up. Her husband took her out for a date night and I helped the girls do their hair and get ready. The second that we got all 5 girls ready, it started raining! So we kept trying to reschedule, but it never worked out. So I 'surprised' her by saying "I want to take pictures of your girls, get them all ready" :)

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