Morris Family & my bald head

Meet Chad, Shelly and the gang! Shelly is my cousin. She shaved her head with me last night and wanted some family pictures before hand.  

Shelly has a writting blog that Chad recently started to contribute to. They wanted some pictures to use on the new blog so we did some of them with their computers as well. 

I photographed the event last night where about 25 of us shaved our heads to help stand in solidarity with children with cancer who dont have a choice in loosing their hair. Ill get a lot of those pictures posted in a few days, but for now enjoy this picture of my husband  and I post shave :)

Raising donations has been so successful that we are going to continue to continue to collect donations through Nov. 19th. Thank you to everyone who has already donated, and to those who havent, you still cant! Every dollar helps! 

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