I have had photos done multiple times in my life and have had very different experiences. The photographer who did my senior photos didnt take the time to ask me what I wanted out of my photos. They were beautiful photos, but they didnt represent me at all so I didnt connect with the photos and I didnt care for them. A few years ago I had family photos done and the photographer got to know us, but WE didnt put much prep into the photos. I didnt have a vision for our photos and I didnt prep my family. Then recently I had family photos done where I had a VISION for the photos and I made sure our photographer knew what we wanted and I made sure my husband and children knew what I wanted from these photos. I told my husband I wanted the photos to emulate the JOY we feel about being a family and being together. Those photos turned out AMAZING! Better than I could have ever imaged! The prep and thought we put into the photos totally paid off! 

How to prepare for your photo shoot

-Consider having your make up professionally done! You will be sharing these photos with all your friends and family so you will want to put your best foot forward! Having a professional pamper you will help you relax before your session and they will use high quality products that will stay put and make you glow!

-If your fiancé isn't thrilled about doing photos, take the time to explain to them how much the photos mean to you! Me asking them to smile nice wont get as much results as YOU telling them your vision for the photos and asking them to play along! Tell them that you want your images to portray your love for each other! Ask them to look at you adoringly, whisper sweet nothings in your ear and sneak attack you with bear hugs!

-Share your love story with me! Knowing what makes up your love story really helps me customize your shoot! Ill send you a questionaire that I would love for each of you to fill out!

-I find my clients are most comfortable when they dont bring too many extra family members or friends to their shoots. Having less people present lets us be more relaxed and adventurous! If you have one or two people who are going to make your confidence soar, then bring them along! But limit your numbers! I am going to ask you to kiss and cuddle, so only bring people with you who you wont mind kissing in front of!

-No gum or mints at our shoot! They make your jaw look funny if I snap a photo mid chew!

-Leave all your keys, chapsticks, phones, wallets in the car! They look funny in your pockets!

-Take hair ties off your wrists!

-Bring chapstick or lipstick to touch up those lips as we shoot!

-If you are going to bring chairs or props, be sure to let me know before hand so I can come prepared with lots of ideas on how to use them!

-In the winter time I recommend you bring handwarmers so your hands stay warm and dont turn red! And in the summer make sure you wear sunscreen and bring water!