Clothing Guide

-Lighter colored clothing pairs so nicely with my style of photography! Don't fear if darker colors are your thing, those photograph nicely as well, but i’m a succor for a dusty pale color!

-Really bright colors come off as really vibrant and sometimes neon in photos and can often throw a color cast onto your skin that is a mess to try to remove, making your skin tone come off funky! Same with Reds and oranges. I recommend avoiding these colors as your main outfit color, pops of these colors are usually fine! Overall, soft colors photograph best.

-Coordinate your outfits but don't MATCH your outfits. Don’t wear the exact same thing. 

-Pick colors that compliment each other and keep your colors in the same color palette. If one person is in rich, saturated colors, everyone should be in rich, saturated colors. It will look odd to have someone in rich colors and someone else in pastels. Someone will end up standing out more than the other.

-Avoid big, busy patterns and prints. They distract from YOU and your love, which is the point of the photo!

-Avoid words or Logos. Again, they distract from you and our eyes are drawn to the words instead of your beautiful faces.

-For time purposes, I limit your outfits to 2, but feel free to bring several jackets, hats or accessories to change in and out of at your shoot! This will give variety to your photos without using up a lot of time changing your entire outfit!

-Match each other in style. If one of you is wearing casual, you should both be wearing casual. If one of you is wearing more formal clothes, you should both be in formal wear.

-Keep in mind the colors in the scenery of our shooting location and make sure you aren't wearing something that will blend right in or clash!

-Keep in mind the colors in your home! You will want to print and hang these photos on your walls, so don't wear colors that will clash with your home decor.

-Wearing a dress or skirt adds a nice feminine touch to your photos! But keep in mind our location and dress appropriately! We don't want you hiking up a mountain in your nicest dress!

-Wear shoes that will be appropriate for the terrain! Grab your snow boots for our winter sessions! 

Some Examples!

Kassidy & Stacy made some really fun outfit choices for their engagement shoot! Their first outfits were more formal and vintage and feel, and their second outfits were more modern! I love using their outfits as an example to show how your outfit choices can really change the feel of the photos! Be thoughtful and specific when picking your outfits!

I loved Maddie & Tanner's set of outfits for their engagement session! They matched each other in color tones, the patterns on their clothes weren't distracting or overwhelming, they wore light colors, and they looked fabulous!

Liz chose to wear the same pair of jeans and white tee for most of her engagement shoot, but brought several jackets to give a little more variety to her photos! She chose a few darker jackets as well to add more contrast to her photos! I love that each jacket she brought still worked well with Dallins pink shirt!

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