Tyler & Chelsey | Wedding Formals | Utah Wedding Photographer

The day we were scheduled to shoot Tyler & Chelseys formals in Salt Lake was an absolute perfect storm, quite literally. Not only was it a stormy day with rain, cold and dark, grey skies and no light, it was also the LDS women's conference, so temple square was absolutely crazy, crawling with people, so parking was impossible. I drove around for over 30 minutes looking for a parking spot, and I finally had to park at my sisters private apartment parking lot several blocks away and RUN to get to temple square on time. Turns out, I didn't need to run, because, like I said, perfect storm. Tyler and Chelsey both had issues getting there and parking as well. So we started late, its windy, rainy, terrrrrrible light, the square is crawling with people, annnnnnnd, the cherry on top? The temple gates were closed! But you guys, Tyler and Chelsey were absolute troopers, and its amazing what you can do with a clear umbrella and awesome attitudes. We decided to shoot anyways, so we got their first look and got a few great shots before calling it a day. We got together the next week in Logan Canyon to shoot more formals, and the light and locations were perfect! Utah is so pretty in the fall!