Hey Y’all. Im Kristi. Im based out of Logan, UT and I’m always happy to travel pretty much anywhere if you ask real nice. Ive been photographing weddings and families ever since I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography over 9 years ago. iM SO GLAD YOU FOUND ME, BECAUSE I think we are going to be friends, so here are a few things you should know about me...

 My middle name is pronounced Uh-Lease but you can just call me Kristi.

my work comes from my heart and my relationships with my own people inspires me to find whats unique about you and yours.

My son holds my face in a way that I honestly yearn to have captured. I hope I get it on camera one day before he stops doing it because it means everything to me. That’s what I think about when I get to photograph people. Capturing something that is recognizable and important instead of something that simply looks nice. my PHOTOS ARE ABOUT THE WAY THINGS FELT, NOT JUST THE WAY THEY LOO

I love to travel but I get homesick easily. My husband and two sons are my world. I find the most magic in the quiet moments with my people.

I cant get enough of 30 Rock, Parks n Rec, The Office or Brene Brown. Podcasts and audio books are my thing and I love to constantly be learning something new.

I think the quote “In raising children I have lost my mind but found my soul” sums up motherhood perfectly.

I believe in the power of positivity and finding the best in any situation. I believe in karma and that you get back what you put into the world. So you’ll usually see me smiling and will rarely find me complaining. Im also a hugger and kind of a cryer.

Things that will make me cry every time:

The ending of Harry Potter

When Michael proposes to Holly on the Office

Father Daughter dances at weddings

Not being able to eat wedding cake - Im a cake addict with a gluten intolerance and I feel like its just a cruel joke

Things that make me laugh every time:

Inappropriate jokes

Embarrassing Stories


Mean Girls

30 Rock

The Office

Parks and Rec

So that’s me, I can’t wait to get to know more about what you are passionate about and what makes you tick.

Like really, I can’t wait. Contact me now!