Based out of Logan, UT and always happy to travel, I've been photographing weddings and families ever since I graduated from the new york institute of photography over 8 years ago! Photography is not a side hustle or a hobby for me, it is my full time career and I'm lucky enough to absolutely love what I do and the people I do it for!

I think we are going to be friends, so here are a few things you should know about me...

Im Kristi Alyse Price. My middle name name is pronounced Uh-Lease but you can just call me Kristi! I love Kit Kats and Sonic Cream Slushes. I love cooking and I think Rosemary belongs in almost everything (except Kit Kats and Sonic Cream Slushes).

I live off of to-do lists. I get so much satisfaction from accomplishing things both little and small! Its one of the things that makes me a great wedding photographer! I'm always sure to get all of the shots on the list and more!

I grew up loving romance. I found my moms copy of the book Lorna Doone and read it over and over again because I would get so swept away by the romance of it all. Not just the love between Jon and Lorna, but the romance of the writing, the linen cover and musty smell of the book. Gone with the Wind is one of my inspirations for photographing couples and I love getting those grand, sweeping romantic shots!

My own love story began in 2007 when I met a golden haired boy with whom I would spend a year pretending to be content just being his friend. The long suffering, pining girl wasn't a role I wanted to play though, and I finally made my best friend my boy friend, and then husband and now we have two of the most wild and charming little boys you will ever meet. 

I am goal oriented and an achiever, but I also know how to 'just be' and I feel most balanced when there is a good mix of getting stuff done and just watching netflix or hanging out in a hammock.

 I love that my children get to grow up seeing me do something I love. Its so important to me that those little guys who call me mom get to see me setting and achieving goals!

I love U.S. history, hip hop and musical theatre, so Hamilton is pretty much my biggest obsession, along with podcasts about murder, missing people and true crime (yikes). I love learning new things and when I get to teach or even just talk about something I'm passionate about, its always a good time. Im passionate about helping other people be successful and keepin it real about both struggles and successes. 

Im a disney lover and Beauty and the Beast was my fav as a little girl!

If I won the lottery I would build my dream house with the most amazing secret hidden passageways, pretty much all the furniture from Joss & Main, and a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast. Then id go explore the world with my people (first stop disneyland, of course) and also probably do something responsible like putting more money into my kids college funds.