Lets talk about ALL THE THINGS

Things that make me laugh every time:

Embarrassing Stories


Mean Girls

30 Rock

The Office

Parks and Rec

These are a few of my favorite things

My sons laugh Campfires 

Hammocks Barefoot children

Cooking for people I love Mini m&ms

Caramel Tacos Rain storms

Lightning  Late night talks that last hours

Connection Brene Brown

Things that will make me cry every time:

The ending of Harry Potter

When Michael proposes to Holly on the Office

Father Daughter dances at weddings

Not being able to eat wedding cake - Im a cake addict with a gluten allergy

Anything remotely touching or sentimental


Things I need to nourish my love for:

Green things + gardening



Home decor

Eating all the chocolate


Thirst for knowledge

My family

Things I want to do:

Learn French

Hot Air Ballon Ride

Run a 5K

Open a wedding venue

Design my own home

Write a book

Host a podcast

Eat all the chocolate

Cook my way through a cookbook

Things im proud of:

Finally learning to use chop sticks - took me 20 years

My Children

My ability to problem solve and persevere 

Owning and running my own business

How hard im trying

How much chocolate I can eat without getting sick

My ability to make up ridiculous nick names for people

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