I love weddings and I wish I could photograph EVERY SINGLE WEDDING EVER, but the truth is, im not the right photographer for every single bride. The brides that im right for are the ones who are JOYFUL. In love and connected to their fiance. The kind that is marrying her best friend because they want to spend the rest of their live growing together and making each other better people. The bride who is down to earth and sweet as can be. But don't forget sassy. And has some good jokes for me to laugh at. And will laugh at my jokes and doesn't mind the idea that we will probably become really good friends and that ill cry on her wedding day at the toasts and her father daughter dance. The bride who values photography, and has impeccable style and taste. Could I work with brides who don't fit this description? You bet! After all, I am a professional! But this is the type of bride that I THRIVE working with, and more importantly, I can help HER thrive in this photo experience. Here is what some of these brides have had to say about working with me...


"She makes you feel special and beautiful, and I think that is so important...

Kristi is an amazing photographer! She shot the best pictures I've ever had of my husband and I! She is also so much fun to work with! She will guide you in your poses, and then let you be natural. It was good for us because we needed the guidance, and we also needed to be ourselves. I don't think I could ever use another photographer. If one day I live in Maine and need a photographer, I'd find a way to fly her down!"

-Liz D.


"I would recommend Kristi every single time...

There was not a single thing I didn't like about my wedding and formal shoot with Kristi! She made us feel so comfortable and helped us pose and not feel awkward about it! She also let us put our own twist on our photos so you can see our personality! I think my favorite thing about Kristi was how open she was to what we wanted. "

-Bethany P


"She was so easy to work with, had great ideas, and produced gorgeous pictures that we love!...

Something we really wanted was a good photographer & photos that we really liked & showed who we are. Kristi made us look great and helped us through engagements, formals, & wedding day photos! They were all a breeze and our photos came back quickly! If you're looking for good quality photos and a photographer that is easy to work with, Kristi is your girl!"

-Jenni B.


we instantly felt comfortable with Kristi...

Kristi is extraordinary! My husband and I both dislike having our pictures taken, but we instantly felt comfortable with Kristi! She is so genuine and kind, an instant friend, and her talent for photography is exceptional. Our engagements, formals, and wedding photos are so beautiful, we will treasure them forever. I would 700% recommend Kristi for any photos you need.

-Katie J.


She was a delight to work with, easygoing and yet professional...

Kristi is the best! She was very responsive from the first video call—we discussed the type of wedding we were having and what kinds of photos we’d like. She worked everything into the contract with us, super easy. She was a delight to work with, easygoing and yet professional. And the pictures were fabulous! She got them to us so quickly, we couldn’t believe it. We would definitely recommend Kristi to anyone!

-Michael & Nadine


Does this wedding planning thing have you feeling a little lost? Its ok if you dont have every vendor picked out or even know what to look for, because I do! Every Kristi Alyse Wedding client will receive our bonus materials! Ive put a lot of care and effort into finding wedding vendor suggestions to help make planning your wedding a breeze! Posing guides, tips, tricks and a style guide will ensure you get the photos of your dreams, and discounts on wedding essentials just to sweeten the deal! And if that isn't enough? You get a friend who will never tire of hearing the wedding details and let you recount your love story!



In case you couldnt already tell, im known for being personable and professional! My couples turn into my friends and we are so excited to get together to shoot! Even the couples who say they aren't going to be good at this photo thing always walk away having a great time! Its my goal to make sure EVERY SINGLE couple I work with has a great experience and gets the photos they deserve. I capture every part of your love! The huge smiles and belly laughs that make your stomachs hurt, and the soft, sweet way you look at each other and embrace one another. I capture your connection, your joy, and your love. But first you have to show it to me. I live my life and run my business with the same concept in mind - being a whole hearted person. This means I show up to whatever im doing, and I let myself be seen. I dont hide or mask myself and I let myself feel JOY in everyday moments and look for ways to connect with people. And magic happens when my clients do the same! Come to your photo shoots and let yourself be seen. Let me capture something real for you that will be meaningful to you and your family. I get to know my clients, aka friends, so they are comfortable to let me see them. They trust that I will take care of them and that we will deliver something that moves them.


A few other things im known for...


Fast Turn Around Times!

Im just as excited about your photos as you are! So you will get your images back within 1-2 weeks (sometimes quicker!) And don't you fret, every image gets the time and attention it deserves. My speed comes from efficiency and experience, never from being sloppy!



my favorite compliment that i seem to receive over and over again is that im a great photographer, and here is the kicker, people tell me this before they have even seen their photos! And it usually comes from people who arent even my clients, its the guests or family members that comment this most often (although i usually hear it from my clients as well!) What they recognize is that im experienced, organized and i know how to do my job! with over 8 years in this industry, i know a thing or two about weddings and how to make the photography part simple, easy and fun!










Simple & Fun Posing!

Im all about simple and fun when it comes to posing and directing my clients! And I know all the tricks to help you look your best! Ill send you my posing crash course before the shoot so you feel empowered and prepared walking into the shoot and can just focus on having fun and lovin on your fiance!


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