Bonus Materials

-To get your discount with our hair stylists, you can contact either Megan Thorpe at 801.960.5285or Abbey Simons at and let them know you are one of our brides to get a discount! Megans discounted prices start at $50 and Abbeys discounted prices start at $50 as well! You can see examples of Abbeys work on instagram, @hairbyabbeyclaire or Megans work  @mega_locks

-To get 30% at for your stationary needs, use code: kristialyse at checkout. 

- To get a free silicone ring with purchase of your grooms wedding band from , let me know you would like them to make your custom mens band and I will pass on your information! 

You should have also received a link to our posing crash course, clothing guide, vendor suggestions list and shoot prep. If you did not get this link, please let Kristi know!